The Friends of Albany History – who we are

The Friends of Albany History is a group of local bloggers who tell the stories of Albany NY from the first Dutchman until today. Many of our blog posts appear on Facebook in Friends of Albany History

Bloggers include:

Carl Johnson –  follow him on Twitter @Hoxsie, on Facebook at  Hoxsie                                   and his blog  Hoxsie

Paula Lemire –  Albany Rural Cemetery – Beyond the Graves  and Albany Rural Cemetery Blog  and follow her on Twitter @paulalemire

Al Quaglieri –  Doc Circe Died for Our Sins

Paul Nance –  Grains Once Scattered

Julie O’Connor –   Albany Muskrat -All things Old Albany  , Capital City Vintage and Style     and follow her on Twitter @AlbanyMuskrat

Kevin McGrath  Historia Albanica

AlbanyGroup Archive  is our photo archive on Flickr.  There are over 24,000 digital images and more are added all the time.  The images are are keyword searchable and arranged in Albums by subject  (libraries, steamships, City Hall), decade (you can search the 1880s or the 1960s) and neighborhoods (search Pine Hills or Arbor Hill).

Or you can join  our Facebook Group :  Albany the Way It Was