The Governor’s Mansion in Albany

It was built in the 1850s by Thomas Olcott, one of the wealthiest men in Albany, on what was the edge of the residential part of city at that time.
2 mansion
In 1875 it was leased to new Governor Samuel Tilden and then purchased by NYS to serve as the official Governor’s residence. (Before that Governors simply lived in their own houses or leased properties during their term.)
3 mansion
7 mansion
14 mansion
The Mansion has been renovated many times over the years. Teddy Roosevelt needed to accommodate his large family.
23 mansion
TR’s Children in Mansion Portico
TR’s  cousin Franklin Roosevelt added a swimming pool.
18 mansion
FDR and family, and Admiral Byrd
4 mansion
Eleanor Roosevelt walking the family dog
19 mansion
FDR’s wheel chair on display at Mansion today
During Governor Lehman’s administration, following FDR, Mrs. Lehman did a bit of sprucing up (Eleanor Roosevelt was NOT an interior decorating sort.)
16 mansion
Governor Lehman and Gov. (soon to be President) Roosevelt
Governor Dewey and wife eat soybeans for the war effort.
10 mansion
In 1961 a fire ripped through the Mansion while Rockefeller was governor, and it was completely re-done.
12 mansion
Governor Rockefeller at a holiday staff party  circa  1970. 36 mansion
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